• Suitable for the most demanding applications that require the highest standards of safety and efficiency
  • Maximum machine protection and complete sealing of the enclosure
  • High resistance to aggressive media
  • Integrated & reproducible self cleaning
  • Hygienic Design
  • Fully automatic operation through intelligent filter cake removal system and lifetime error message
  • New MSE filter plate technology for lowest moisture
  • Low maintenance
  • No cost-intensive revision after a short operation time
  • Available as „Light Version“ or „Xtreme Version“


As one of the oldest process filters, the filter press with its high level of automation, efficiency and integration capability forms the solid backbone of mechanical solid/liquid separation. With the introduction of the CellTRON® we are taking a decisive step into the future. The new high-tech filter press, developed primarily for the battery cell manufacturing industry, meets the specific requirements for dewatering special (metal) sludges in the harshest environments.


Application volatile material
Application pharma Food material
Application combustible dust material
Application hot filtration material
Application toxic material
Application radioactice material
Application volatile material
Application pharma Food material
Application combustible dust material
Application hot filtration material
Application toxic material
Application radioactice material


The basis of the new filter press line is a fully automatic membrane filter press equipped with special filter plates. True to the philosophy of „reliable“; and „efficient“;, the new product series is equipped with an industry-leading and innovative filter press discharge system with lifetime error message, an automated filter cloth washing system with additionally implemented CIP cleaning function as well as an automatically opening and vacuum-proof machine enclosure with integrated swivelling sluice for defined filter cake discharge.

In contrast to conventional filter presses, this new development guarantees complete, almost gas-tight encapsulation of the filter press to protect the operating personnel and ensure product quality. In addition to standard configurations for applications such as battery cell production, this technology series is also suitable for the most demanding applications that require the highest safety and efficiency standards with highest operational reliability. The CellTRON® product line can treat volatile, dust explosive products as well as substances with toxic and radioactive properties but also PharmaFood products and hot suspensions with filtration temperatures of more than 130°C. With this filter press technology we therefore have a decisive unique selling point.

The CellTRON® product range is available in sizes from 470x470mm to 2000x2000mm with filter areas from 1 m2 to 1. 300 m2. You can choose between the configuration „Light“ for high product and safety requirements and the configuration „Xtreme“ for highest product and safety requirements. The material used for the „Xtreme“ version is almost exclusively stainless steel. Assemblies in contact with the product are designed according to hygienic design criteria in order to prevent product sticking and contamination. Each filter press unit can be supplied as a complete unit with piping, valves, instruments, pumps and tanks.



The special housing is used for the targeted drainage of the filter cloth washing water, the residual filtrate, the CIP liquid and uncontrolled escaping liquids. The individual containment elements can be moved in the area of the integrated hopper at the push of a button. This means that the liquid escaping when the individual segments are pushed on can also be absorbed by the collection funnel and discharged in a targeted manner. A special sealing and wiping technology enables the complete sealing between the moving components. Contamination of the environment with an aggressive medium is therefore always excluded. In addition, this significantly reduces the emission of unpleasant odours.


In addition to a fully automatic filter cloth washing system, automation was also increased as part of  further development of an innovative filter cake removal system. The new CellTRON® series is now equipped with a newly developed system that guarantees fully automatic operation. This allows even sticky filter cake solids to be efficiently separated from filter cloth in batch operation. This system detects whether the respective filter plate has been completely emptied and triggers the vibrating device if a (residual) portion of the filter cake solid still adheres to the filter cloth and is not completely discharged. Compared to a more expensive cake scraper solution, the filter cloth is not damaged and its service life is considerably increased.


Within the protective enclosure, three separate systems enable the filter press to clean itself cyclically. Depending on the cleaning requirement, the liquid, including H2SO4, flows onto the filter press at different jet angles by means of special CIP nozzles. Additionally implemented translational and rotational movements of the manifold pipes allow reproducible cleaning as well as an increased service life of the plant. This additionally prevents the medium from drying on. Human errors are largely excluded, personnel safety is increased and high product quality is ensured. This makes the MSE CellTRON® filter press series a perfect symbiosis of quality, design and function that knows only one factor: efficiency.


Our newly developed control system meets all requirements necessary for the fully automatic operation of your CellTRON® filter press. The reliability of all system functions is guaranteed by a fully coordinated control of the individual components, which guarantees trouble-free operation. This intelligent control allows the systems to be operated in continuous 24-hour cycles without the presence of an operator during the unloading phase. With just a few parameters, the user himself is able to optimally adapt the mode of operation of this vibrating device to the specific application. This always ensures the shortest possible emptying time.


Today, the limit for the use of a highly automated filter press (not only for use in battery cell production) is mostly determined by the economic efficiency. The purchase price for a filter press is often the primary purchase criterion. However, it does not always play a decisive role in life cycle costs. Costs for wear parts and maintenance make up a large part of the total costs. Here it is particularly important to realize a robust and solid construction with little filigree and thus susceptible individual parts.

The CellTRON® filter press formats CT4 to CT20 are absolutely standardized. This enables further cost optimization as well as efficient production and, if necessary, rapid repair. After all, the higher investment costs compared to a conventional filter press should pay for themselves relatively quickly due to the elimination of the operators and the increased production. Cost-intensive revisions of the sophisticated design, which are necessary after a short operating time for a large part of the commercial fully automatic filter presses, had to be stopped urgently. In view of the high demand from customers for an autonomous plant for the production of lithium-ion battery systems, MSE Filterpressen has set itself the task of developing an innovative and customer-oriented long-term solution with the new CellTRON® and of reducing maintenance costs to a minimum through solid mechanical engineering. In addition, the special enclosure means that costs can be further minimized by eliminating the need for complex and expensive steel structures and exhaust air systems for buildings and rooms.


High-tech filter press for maximum filtration requirements

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Cake filtration is a mechanical process for the separation of solid-containing liquids. It pertains to surface filtration like cross-flow filtration. In contrast to depth filters, the actual separation effect takes place through the filter cake, which settles on the filter cloth.