In this version, a steel retaining bracket for the filter cloth is mounted on the chamber filter plate or membrane filter plate. In its normal state, the filter cloth is pressed against the respective filter plate by a spring. The corresponding „buckling“ of the retaining bracket is effected by the adhering filter cake or its weight when the individual chambers are opened. The buckling movement releases the filter cake from the filter cloth (automatic filter cake release aid). The reduced weight of the retaining bracket/filter cloth combination means that the tension spring can now return to its vertical basic position.

spreader clamp - filter cake release aid for filter press - working principle



In this version, the filter plates are connected to each other by an interlocking system. The opening of all filter plates thus takes place in one operation, by retracting the pressure plate. The plate arms of the filter plates are located on eccentric bars which hydraulically rotate on the longitudinal axis and which are shaken by the rotation of the filter plates. This process causes the filter cake to separate from the filter cloth and fall off. The filter presses with the vibrating device type I work with extremely short idle times and are mainly used in the mining sector. As a result, time ratios between filtration time and non-productive times (opening, emptying and closing of the filter press) of 25:1 and better can be achieved.

vibrating device I - filter cake release aid for filter press - working principle



The vibrating device II is used for the fully automatic emptying of filter presses and is a consistent further development of the MSE Filterpressen® plate shifting system, which is known as robust. The plate shifter in the drive variant with toothed belt serves as the basis here. Filter presses with the vibrating device II can thus be emptied without operator intervention. In a filter press with this vibrating device, the chambers are emptied individually. For this purpose, the filter plates of the chamber filter press or membrane filter press are laid in the usual way from the closed plate pack to the pressure plate of the filter press. The plate shifting device stops approximately in the middle of the so-called working area, i.e. the free space between the still closed plate pack and the plates that have already been laid. At this point, a hydraulic lifting device transmits movement impulses to the filter plate with the adhering filter cake. After only a few strokes, the filter cake is completely detached from the filter cloth. For filter presses from a plate size of 1000x1000mm, the vibrating device is preconfigured with an active pendulum protection.

vibrating device II - filter cake release aid for filter press - working principle



With the vibrating device II you have all the trumps in one hand. The basis is a proven modularly built system for plate laying. In addition, the no less robust vibrating device II. This almost automatically means that the vibrating device can of course be retrofitted to existing shifting systems on the same terms. The user himself is able to optimally adapt the mode of operation of the vibrating device to the specific application with just a few parameters. This always ensures the shortest possible emptying time. With the vibrating device II, you have the advantages of a fully automatic filter press at comparatively low investment costs.


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