Filter press plates for chamber filter presses and membrane filter presses are primarily chemically resistant and pressure-resistant plastic plates made of PP. Together with the overhanging filter cloth, these form the process space for cake filtration in the filter press and are mainly responsible for solid/liquid separation. Special materials for higher temperatures up to +130°C and for lower temperatures down to -10°C are also available for continuous operation. The drainage surface integrated in the filter press plates is designed with nubs or grooves. This supports the filter cloth on the one hand and allows the filtrate to flow off in a defined manner on the other. Process-technical parameters for the selection of a filter plate for your individual application are the filter area, the chamber depth or the filter cake thickness and the degree of dewatering. This results in the chamber or cake volume as well as the filter plate type. Essential aspects of the design depend on the optional process steps such as filter cake washing, filter cake drying as well as core blowing and much more. The criteria for selecting the right filter plate specifically include:

    • Chemical resistance
    • Differential pressure resistance
    • Temperature stability
    • Filter cloth support
    • Drainability (grooves, nubs, with/without membrane technology)
    • Handling
Schematic diagram of a chamber filter plate and a membrane filter plate


Filter cake thicknesses and filter plate thicknesses are freely configurable depending on the application and filtration conditions. The plate formats vary from 400mm x 400mm up to 2000mm x 2000mm with a cake thickness of 15mm up to 50mm and thus allow an optimal adaptation to the filtration tasks. In this context, we offer a variety of inlet types and plate designs with chamber or membrane technology for older as well as newer makes and third-party systems. Depending on the application, the inlet positions are located in the upper corner, in the centre or on the upper side of the filter plate. Filter press plates with membrane technology allow mechanical squeezing of the filter cake after the actual filtration process, which results in a higher dry matter content. These filter press plates are available either with permanently integrated membranes or with replaceable membranes on request.

Chamber filter press plates and membrane filter press plates can also be supplied in gas-tight & drip-tight designs (CGR). Depending on customer requirements, filter press plates can be individually designed and retrofitted to any existing and commissioned filter press. Filter presses from MSE Filter Presses meet the specific requirements of different applications and industries by equipping each filter press with the appropriate filter plates.


technical data of filter plates for filter press


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In the ​​product area, you can find a wide range of different filtration plants (chamber, membrane and stainless steel filter presses, and much more). In addition, you will find a wide range of by-products, such as feed pumps, filter elements as well as automation and expansion modules.

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Due to their excellent drainage properties and process technology variety, filter presses are used in different applications such as sewage, chemical, mining and much more. Within the individual application areas, you will find a list of exemplary application areas.

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