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In the versatile applications of a chamber filter press and membrane filter press, breakthroughs of the filtrate can occur from time to time. There are different options available in order to keep the contamination of the environment as minimal as possible. With a splash guard, the filter press can be operated as cleanly as possible.

filter press with splash guard and hood
fully automatic filter press with splash guard and sliding doors
rubberised chamber filter press with splash guard and sliding doors



    • Sliding doors: These are equipped with transparent plastic plates and can be installed on both sides (operator and outlet side) on request. As an alternative, there is also the option of a gridded sliding door as personal protection without a splash guard.
    • Plastic tarps: Individual plastic tarpaulins are arranged as overlapping. Before cleaning the chamber filter plates, the individual plastic sheets are simply pushed aside. Plastic sheeting, however, is not used as personal protection. An additional built-in light barrier ensures personal protection.
    • The front cover of the press is either covered with a grid or with transparent plastic plates at the customer’s request.
    • The upper cover is available as a rollable tarpaulin or with an extractor hood. The rollable tarpaulin is simply rolled up by a redirection to remove the filter plate. The extractor hood is mainly used in steam, gas or odour-emitting environments. These can be easily attached to an existing extraction system through the flange connection. To replace the filter plate, the extractor hood may have to be lifted with a pulley block or overhead crane.