• Extensive and individual equipment options for efficient operation
  • Long life and low susceptibility ensure reliable operation with high availability
  • Filter cake discharge at any point executable
  • Reduced downtime due to easy-maintenance design and fast availability of spare parts
  • Corrosion and wear protection according to customer requirements
  • Explosion proof version according to ATEX directive 94/9 / EC available


The task of conveyor systems for filter cake discharge is as varied as the products to be filtered. The filter cake discharge not only fulfils the transport task of the accumulating filter cake. It also includes further process steps such as: crushing, cooling, weighing, dosing, compressing, mixing, discharging and much more. Driven conveyor systems such as conveyor belts, conveyor screw systems or trough chain conveyors with hoppers, which are adapted and connected directly under the filter press (installed on a platform), can be used for filter cake transport. The discharged filter cake is thus transported directly to the appropriate storage facilities. A distance of over 60 metres in length and 10 metres in height can be easily achieved. Depending on the customer’s requirements and the conveying task, it is possible to convey the filter cake horizontally, sloping or vertically. In addition, refinements or special designs, e.g. according to ATEX guidelines, are possible. The conveying capacity of the respective systems depends in particular on the diameter, the speed and the product properties.




Spiral screw conveyors are a simple and reliable way of transporting the dewatered filter cake horizontally, at an angle and in special cases even vertically over defined distances. Depending on the task and product characteristics, we offer single-shaft, twin-shaft or multi-shaft screw systems. The screw conveyors consist of a screw housing, a screw beam and a drive unit.




Trough chain conveyors transport the dewatered filter cake in a closed trough and, in comparison with other conveying elements of the same conveying capacity, are particularly convincing due to their more favourable overall cross-section. Because of their design, these conveyors are characterised by a closed, dust-tight design and are particularly variable in terms of line layout. Depending on the conveying task, horizontal or sloped conveying is possible. The filter cake discharge can also be carried out individually.




Conveyor belts are used for a gentle as well as low-wear material transport with low space requirements. Especially larger conveying distances and quantities can be advantageously bridged with the aid of the conveyor belt. The design is essentially dependent on the conveying quantities and filter cake properties. The conveyor belts are manufactured as sheet steel constructions or in tubular frame designs according to customer requirements, for example as modular chain or ascending conveyor belts, etc. Depending on the conveying task and requirements, two-part or multi-part troughed or flat belt sections in different material designs for the disposal of puncture-proof filter cakes are then possible. As a rule, the deflection station is designed as a belt tensioning drum.




MSE Filterpressen® designs a filter cake discharge for you which is tailored to your requirements with regard to installation, conveying task, material composition and integration into the production process. Only a filter cake discharge that is optimally adapted to the filter press and the material to be conveyed will work efficiently. MSE Filterpressen® manufactures most of the discharge system in-house. At the same time, we work with renowned German manufacturers of conveyor plants.


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