hose pump feeding pump for filter press


  • Self-priming (95% vacuum)
  • Conveyor hoses adaptable to many fluids available
  • Dry-running (without product in the line)
  • Gentle conveying of sensitive conveyed material such as Blood cells that would be destroyed by fast rotating propeller blades
  • Reversible
  • EHEDG certified
  • No metal-to-metal contact
  • Liquid within the pump element
  • Easy maintenance, low cost
  • Short downtime
  • No valves
  • Pulsation-free feeding of the filter press
  • Low mechanical stress of the flake
  • Fully enclosed system with smooth surfaces, easy to sterilize for applications in which the highest standards of hygiene are required


With this type of positive displacement pump, the medium to be pumped is conveyed through a hose. The mechanical deformation of the hose from the outside creates the flow of the medium which maintains it. Hose pumps can be found in many different industries as they offer a variety of solutions for the transfer and dosing of liquids. As a result, the hose pump is a suitable universal solution for a wide range of pumping applications. They can pump viscous, corrosive and chemically aggressive liquids, shear-sensitive products and provide a hygienic pumping solution for dosing chemicals, inks, food and beverages. They are also often used in the water and waste water industries and in mining applications, because hose pumps can pump abrasive liquids with a high solids content.


The principle of hose pumps, also called peristaltic pumps is simple: The pump chamber forms a flexible hose. The chamber is sealed by periodic squeezing using two or more rollers/sliding shoes.  The ratio of hose volume to immersion volume defines the pulsation of a hose pump. The number of displacement bodies determines the frequency of the pulsation. The technology on which a hose pump is based also means that in these pumps only the inside of the hose used comes into contact with the transported medium. There are no additional valves or seals inside the pump, but the special design of these pumps prevents backflow inside the hose or an emptying of it. Since the movement of the medium takes place only within the hose, contamination of the pump by the medium is excluded. At the same time, contamination of the medium within the pump is not possible for the same reason. A large selection of different hose materials is available for the different hose pump types, which further increases the application possibilities of these pumps.


MSE High Performance Filter press

In the ​​product area, you can find a wide range of different filtration plants (chamber, membrane and stainless steel filter presses, and much more). In addition, you will find a wide range of by-products, such as feed pumps, filter elements as well as automation and expansion modules.

MSE Filterpressen Applications

Due to their excellent drainage properties and process technology variety, filter presses are used in different applications such as sewage, chemical, mining and much more. Within the individual application areas, you will find a list of exemplary application areas.

MSE Filterpressen Service

MSE Services offers you a comprehensive range of transparent and clearly structured services for your filter press system. As a reliable service partner, we accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of your system and ensure its productivity and availability.