Filter presses represent investments which are only profitable if a long service life is guaranteed. Lifetimes of 20 years and more are not uncommon. In order to optimally prepare the chamber filter press or membrane filter press for its long machine life right from the start, an appropriate paint finish is therefore of utmost importance. Depending on the area of application or ambient conditions of the filter presses, however, further measures may be necessary to protect against corrosion (corrosion protection). MSE Filterpressen® offers a wide range of surface protection variants:

corrosion protection for filter presses - rubberised filter press
corrosion protection for filter presses - rubberised filter press 470x470mm
corrosion protection for filter presses - rubberised filter press - swivel plate

1. Extraction hood
(In order to keep the stress of the plant operator as low as possible, a protective hood is placed on the filter press next to the shielding attached around it. This is equipped with a flange connection through which the resulting odours or gases can be extracted)
2. Splash guard curtain
3. Filter cake guide plates PP
4. Splash and contact protection PP clear
5. Epoxy resin coating Layer thickness 450 µm
6. Hard rubber coating



The construction of our standard paints for the chamber filter presses, membrane filter presses and the corresponding steel accessories is of high industrial quality. The standard paint is therefore sufficient for the majority of the applications of our customers. The entire paint structure has a minimum layer thickness of 80µm (average 100-150µm). A 2-component primer and a textured paint in the desired RAL colour of our customers provide the best conditions for the longevity of your filter press.




If filter presses are exposed to aggressive environmental conditions, increased corrosion protection may be necessary. For this purpose, we offer coatings with different layer structures. With nominal layer thicknesses from 150µm up to 240µm (average then 300-400µm), many variants are possible. Here, too, the top layer consists of the desired RAL colour of the customer.




In rare cases, even the increased corrosion protection in the form of an increased nominal layer coating is no longer sufficient. For this reason, MSE Filterpressen prepares your filter press for these types of applications. With surface treatments to defined roughness depths, zinc dust priming and special structural paints, it is possible to apply highly resistant paints to chamber filter presses, membrane filter presses and all steel accessories. Thus, for example, the „sea water resistant“ requirement is also fulfilled. We can meet almost all requirements with layered structures using components made of epoxy resin or micaceous iron ore.




Based on the decisive properties of the flexible material, the rubberised filter presses are mainly used for the filtration of particularly aggressive suspensions and environments such as solvents or acids. In this context, the conventional painting of the steel parts is no longer sufficient. In a complex process, the load-bearing filter press components are accordingly coated with a layer of 3 mm thick plastic. In the case of the rubberised filter press, the hydraulic stands, feed stands, pressure plate and supporting beams are hard rubberised for this and the smaller components are made of polypropylene. It is also possible to rubberise only the components in contact with the product, such as the feed stands and the pressure plates. The composition of the rubber coating depends on the special surface requirements of our customers.


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