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MSE Filterpressen® is an owner-managed company which, since its foundation in 1978, has specialised in the development, manufacture and worldwide sale of mechanical filtration plants and dewatering systems for industrial separation processes.

The MSE Filterpressen® product portfolio is just as diverse as the different application areas in which the filter press is used. These range from chamber filter presses, membrane filter presses and stainless steel filter presses to automated and (semi-)mobile filter presses. As a leading filter press manufacturer the MSE Filterpressen® has a wide range of products to meet different customer requirements. Each filter press differs in the design of the filter plates, the surface coating and the degree of automation, but not in the filtration principle.




Our filtration systems are widely used in industrial production for the separation of sludge, chemical substances and petroleum. Also in the field of municipal waste water treatment. Filter presses have also been making a major contribution to the separation of solid-liquid substances in the production of raw materials for decades, for example in the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industry as well as the food and mineral industry. One of the major successes of MSE Filterpressen® is the main plant in Remchingen. This is where the complete planning, development and manufacture of our filtration plants is done. In addition to our qualified and experienced planning and production team, short coordination and decision-making paths are our key to success. This guarantees a high quality and efficient product, from which our customers above all benefit. Based on the best medium-sized virtues, MSE Filterpressen GmbH stands for performance and passion in the service of customers.

More than 3,000 references underpin the vast experience we have and the trust our customers put in our know-how. We have grown our operations to cover 30 nations globally, and have taken the world lead with our special treatment plants for phosphate filtration in automotive industry.

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