MSE in battery cell manufacturing and recycling in e-mobility


We are proud to be a reliable supplier in both battery cell manufacturing and recycling. Given the increasing demand for lithium processing solutions, solid-liquid separation systems are of great importance. These systems are crucial to meet the requirements of rapidly growing markets for lithium carbonates. Partnering with MSE Filter Presses ensures not only the successful implementation of your project, but also a safe and efficient operation throughout the lifespan of your filtration system.

Battery cell manufacturing for the automotive industry:

Our filter presses play a crucial role in battery cell manufacturing. After the crystallization of the raw materials, the essential substances for battery cell manufacturing are separated in a part of the plant called „Precursor“. Our presses are used in both the „Fine Particles“ and „Mid Particles“ areas. The filter press is a key component in the process of separating nickel, manganese, and cobalt (NMC) from the slurry. NMC is a valuable product that is efficiently washed and dried to a dry substance content of over 93 percent by our presses. The efficiency of the washing process is crucial for battery performance and directly affects the quality. Efficient washing leads to significant savings in the subsequent drying of the product. The purer the material, the better for the battery cells.


Battery recycling for the automotive industry:

MSE filter presses are also important in the recycling of lithium-ion batteries. In the recycling process, precipitation reactions occur at different pH values and temperatures. After the battery is crushed, the resulting „black mass“ is processed. This step is called „leaching“ and occurs in cascades. During the leaching of the black mass at a pH value of 1 and approximately 60 °C, various metals such as iron and aluminum, which would disrupt purity, are precipitated. NMC hydroxides are also separated from the slurry, which are later reused in battery manufacturing. In addition, the presses also filter out the essential lithium carbonates for further use.


From manufacturing to recycling – all from one source:

Our high-tech CellTRON-Xtreme filter press from the CellTRON-Series is ideal for demanding applications in battery manufacturing and battery recycling. Our filter presses are the key to unlocking the full value of your raw materials and obtaining high-purity lithium carbonate. We are active contributors to the development of battery cells, the heart of electrification, and our commitment extends throughout the lifespan of the battery – from manufacturing to sustainable recycling. MSE is involved in the journey from innovation and production to recycling, and we invite you to be part of this exciting journey!