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MSE filter presses for the body pre-treatment plant in Gothenburg

MSE membrane filter presses for the filtration of phosphate sludge in the automotive manufacturing industry   Since 2015, two automated MSE membrane filter presses have been successfully in operation at the Swedish automobile manufacturer Volvo in Gothenburg. These are used …
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Chamber filter press beats centrifuge by lengths

Filter presses versus centrifuges in comparison Filter presses are mechanical solid-liquid separation units which are used in the field of pressure filtration of suspensions. During discontinuous filtration, the actual separation effect takes place through a filter cake, which forms on …
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New: The semi-automatic filter press from MSE

Filter presses with two-hand controls according to EN 574 are conventional filter presses with regard to their working principle and process technology, however they represent a simplified and cost-effective solution for the reliable operation with respect to operation and safety measures. …
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